Thano and Luz's web diary

Here are some pages with photos from various trips and events. Don't expect to see too many pictures of awesome scenery (the photographers are not particularly gifted)... Nevertheless, the pictures are a testimonial of our life, and sharing it with family and friends is a nice way to keep in touch.

Funny Stuff

The Adventures of SuperThano! (by Ivor Peles) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

The Tragedy of Thanos (a Greek Tragedy by Ivor Peles)

Our Wedding(s)

Mexico (March 13, 2004)

- Preparing Invitations (click here)

- Wedding events (Bachelor party, Ceremony, Studio pictures)

- Time for some Tourism! (Aguascalientes, Zacatecas)

- Aftermath of Mexican Wedding (click here)

Greece (September 17, 2004)

- Wedding events (Party the night before, Ceremony, Reception)

- Time for some Relaxation! (Athens, Seaside)

- Our Honeymoon in the Peloponisos (click here)

Memories from Los Angeles

Memories from Pasadena (click here)

Chamber music at Caltech and other places (click here)

Luz's PhD thesis (Defence, Commencment)

Thanos' PhD thesis (Defence, Commencment, Other LA Pictures)

Pictures from Atlanta

Our first apartment in Midtown Atlanta (part 1, part 2)

Other parts of Atlanta (LittleFive Points, Decatur, Vinings)

Pictures from Georgia Tech (Campus, Thano's office, Luz's office)

Luz's Birthday cake at CNS (click here)


Photos from Trips

Trip to Greece on September 6-30, 2002 (Athens, Syros, Crete)

New York and Connecticut on March 4-9, 2003 (click here)

Mexico City on March 29-31, 2003 (click here)

Savannah, GA on April 19-20, 2003 (click here)

Durham, NC on May 24-25, 2003 (click here)

Yellowstone National Park - Big Sky, MT on September 4-12, 2003 (click here)

Trip to Italy on September 19-25, 2003 (Milano, Liguria)

Dalonega, GA on November 15-16, 2003 (click here)

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