Photographs of Georgia Tech Campus, April 1 2003, evening


Now that Spring is here, the trees all over the campus have gloriously blossomed !



The flowers are all over the place!


Scene between college of computing (to the left) and Bunger Henry (center) which houses some of

Chemical Engineering (but not Thanos).


 A park area between buildings. To the left is the cafeteria. Right in front is a water fountain (a closer shot follows).



Aren't the pansies beautiful?


Cafeteria/Student center:



Water fountain. The grey tall building to the left is Coca-Cola headquarters (you can distinguish the sign on the building top).


Closer shot of the water fountain. There are seats located amphitheatrically, and is a nice place to hang out and relax.


Walkway towards the library.




Other park-like area, on our way to the library.


Entrance to library.  






 A building right next to Thano's office.



Here is Thanos' building! It houses most of Chemical Engineering, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences,

some Environemntal Engineering, Biology & Chemistry



Another angle of my building. You can see in the background the buildings of Midtown Atlanta,

where we live.

Another angle of the building. There is still much construction going on! 

This is right after you enter the building.(It's almost nighttime now, so the lights are on).


Staircase inside my building. Go up the three steps, and my office is the first one to the right.