Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Fall 2017

Course Description:

Time: 8:00-8:50 p.m., Monday, Wednesday & Friday (Makeup classes: TBA)

Place: ES&T, L1255

Athanasios Nenes (, ES&T 3258 (office), x4-9225 (phone)

Teaching Assistant:
Simple Kumar (, IBB 1B (office)

Office/TA hours:
Athanasios Nenes: By Appointment Recommended.
Teaching Assistant: 10:00-11:00am, Monday and Friday, ES&T 2320

Homework - 20%
Midterm - 40%
Final - 40%

Syllabus & suggested readings


Weekly homework assignments will be given. Homework assignments will be given on Thursday, and will be due one week later. Homework assignments will be accepted up to one class period after the assignment is due: later assignments will not be accepted (unless you have obtained permission from the instructor in advance), so that the homeworks can be returned the week after they have been handed in. Collaboration on the homeworks is allowed, although each student must return their own solutions. At least 80% of the homework sets must be handed in to count in the grade.

Class Notes
1. Introduction (20 Pages)
2. Math Review (13 Pages); Addendum 1 (7 Pages), 2 (11 Pages), 3 (36 Pages)
3. Fluid Statics (13 Pages); Addendum (5 Pages)
4. Kinematics (13 Pages)
5. Conservation Laws (25 Pages); Addendum (5 Pages)
6. Boundary Conditions, Scaling the equations of motion (8 Pages); Additional Thoughts on Scaling (6 Pages); Book Chapter on Scaling (24 Pages)
7. Unidirectional Flows (23 Pages)
8. Nearly Unidirectional (Lubrication) Flows (27 Pages); Supplementary material (7 pages)
9. High Re (Boundary Layer) Flows (18 Pages); Article from Physics Today on Prandl's work (7 Pages); Film, Film Notes
10. Low Re (Stokes or Creeping) Flows (50 Pages); Film, Film Notes
11. Computational Methods for Studying Fluid Flows (25 Pages); Supplementary material (26 pages)

Homeworks & Solutions, Sample Exams Due on:
Homework 1, Solutions
Homework 2, Solutions
Homework 3 (Complete 2 out of 3 questions from the Sample Midterm exam)
10/16 - Optional
Homework 4, Solutions
Homework 5, Solutions
Homework 6, Solutions
Sample Midterm, Formula Sheet
Sample Final, Formula Sheet
Final Exam Schedule

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