Luz's Birthday Cake (in CNS; May 8, 2003)

Well, Ocho de Mayo (i.e., May 8) came, and that means it's Luz's Birthday! Thanos went and got a nice and fluffy tiramisu cake encased by a white and milk chocolate rim. At 2pm, the whole center gathered and surprised Luz (well, she kind of knew it in the end, but nevertheless, we tried)!!!! Here are some pictures - you will also get a chance to see some of Luz's colleagues.

Here is the cake! It says "Happy Birthday Luz":

Believe it or not, there was NOONE with any form of flame (i.e. no smokers) available. That means we could not light the candles and disclose Luz's age :) Here we are all singing "Happy Birthday to you..... etc etc". In the background (from left to right) is Slaven Peles (Luz's officemate) and Daniel Wójcik.

Ok, enough singing and laughing. We want some cake!!!! Here Luz is getting down to business.You can see Masha Ellis, the Center's assistant.

Luz and Slaven

You can see that we are all starting to get impatient.... Come one Luz! Cut the cake!

Ahh, mmmm, good stuff!

Luz and Dennis, a physics graduate student.

Luz and Ron Fox, the Physics Chair (and her boss).

Luz and Marsha

The 3 Ford fellows (and the honorary fourth, i.e., Dennis).

And Luz together with (from left to right) Marsha, Helena and Kathy.